Searching for senior care homes in Omaha? This article will help guide you in making the best decision possible.

Do you have a loved one requiring more help with everyday tasks such as bathing, dressing, or moving around? If so, consider transitioning them to assisted living.

One day, your elder’s care may become too much of a responsibility, and you’ll have to look at senior care homes. For example, if your elderly loved one requires constant observation or care multiple times at night. Unfortunately, sometimes this duty of helping can negatively impact your work and home life.

If you have a loved one who needs care due to aging, this blog may help. Here are eight factors to consider when choosing a senior care home.

1. Location

Location is one of the first factors to consider when deciding between senior care homes. Unless you want to travel long distances to visit your elderly loved one, finding an assisted living facility closer to home is preferable.

Consulting with your elderly parent about what they want is also essential. For example, they may want to remain within their current community.

Another factor when considering the location is how close the senior care homes are to health care providers. For example, if your elderly parent requires emergency care, a hospital nearby will be beneficial.

2. Amenities and Services

When choosing an assisted living facility, you need to review what services are available and what amenities the facility has. Services like helping with daily living are typically available, such as bathing or dressing assistance. Other services offered include:

  • Dining services
  • Exercise programs
  • Housekeeping
  • Wellness programs
  • Medication management

You may also want to check whether amenities like an on-site pharmacy are available. Reviewing the meals residents are offered can also help you decide on a facility. For example, an exemplary menu can be a tie-breaker if both homes provide the same services.

3. Size

A significant factor that can be overlooked is the size of the senior care homes you’re considering. A small senior care facility has between 4 and 25 beds, and a large one has between 26 and 50. Additionally, even larger senior care homes can accommodate more than 50 residents.

Additionally, the size of the facility will impact what benefits are offered and what amenities are available. Smaller senior care homes may have limited services, but larger ones with many amenities and features may cost more.

When considering the size of the facility, it’s also wise to inquire about the staff-to-resident ratio. Having enough staff to handle all the residents is vital if you want the level of care to stay manageable.

4. Cost

In a perfect world, the cost wouldn’t matter, but the truth is that the price of senior care homes is a factor you cannot ignore. Before deciding on an assisted living facility, work through your finances and decide on a budget beforehand. This will help you when narrowing your choice of senior care homes.

Check your insurance policy because you may be covered for some or all costs. Finally, check their payment policies once you decide on a living facility. Some may require upfront costs, a tiered system, monthly payments, or per-service costs.

5. Levels of Care

Another essential factor to consider is the assisted living facility’s level of care. Typically there are three levels of care in assisted living. Level one is the lower level care requirement suitable for residents needing only minor assistance. Level three care is the highest and best suited for residents who require help with daily living.

There are also different types of care that you can consider. These can be organized into three categories:

  • Personal Care: Assistance with daily living like bathing, etc.
  • Directed Care: Assistance with decision-making for cognitively impaired seniors, for example
  • Supervisory Care: Consists of trained professionals to perform duties like administering medication, for example

6. Caregiver Qualifications

You also want to consider the staff’s qualifications when comparing senior care homes. For example, if your loved one requires someone with medical training, you want to ensure the facility you choose has the relevant qualified staff.

If the home you choose doesn’t have the relevant licensing to offer higher levels of care, ask them if they can recommend any senior care homes that do.

7. Staff Demeanor

Staff friendliness can often be overlooked when deciding on an assisted living facility. However, this is essential because it indicates how employees will treat their loved one after they leave. Some indicators of an excellent senior care home are:

  • Did you get a warm greeting?
  • Are you being heard by the staff and having your questions answered?
  • Who does the staff talk to (i.e., only you, or do they include your elderly loved one)?
  • Are the employees patient with the residents?
  • Is the staff friendly?

8. Activities and Events

Our final factor is what entertainment options will be available for your loved one once admitted. Staying social is essential for overall mental wellness, so you want to ensure the senior care homes you’re considering have a varied list of activities and events.

You want to check if there are regularly scheduled social events like bingo or whether residents go on regular outings. Furthermore, are other activities offered, like a fitness center where residents can stay in shape? Other activities can include equine therapy, arts and crafts, and dances.

Make Deciding on Senior Care Homes a Breeze

Putting your elderly parent into an assisted living facility can bring up a lot of complicated emotions. It’s perfectly normal to feel guilty, but you know it’s time to consider senior care homes when caring for your elderly parent becomes too complicated.

Knowing what factors to consider when choosing between senior care homes can make the decision process much smoother. Remember to focus on qualifications, costs, levels of care, location, etc., when deciding.

If you’re looking for a family-owned, family-focused assisted living facility, reach out to us today. We have specialized staff waiting to care for your aging parent.