Struggling to find the best memory care in Omaha? You’re not alone. This article will dive into the 7 benefits of memory care for your aging loved one.

As seniors enter into the twilight years of their lives, it’s normal for memory to get a bit hazy. But unfortunately, some seniors experience this to a severe degree with dementia. Approximately 153 million people are likely to have dementia by the year 2050.

This can introduce a significant burden for children or caretakers of a senior with dementia. Fortunately, there is a solution. Your loved one can attend a memory care facility.

Memory care is the ideal environment for senior living with those who have some form of dementia. Follow along as we discuss seven benefits of memory care for your senior.

The best memory care in Omaha should have a secure environment.

1. Memory Care Is a Secure Environment

It’s very common for patients with dementia to wander without someone to attend to them, often straying far away and getting lost. In everyday life, there are plentiful opportunities for them to put themselves in harm’s way. Seniors are at high risk of falling, making a simple curbside a significant risk.

At a care facility, a senior is in much better hands. Whatever their activities, inside or outside, someone will be keeping an eye on them.

A memory care facility ensures that they never get into any dangerous situations. And rather than keep them cooped up inside all day, it gives them safe outdoor activities so they can get fresh air. You no longer have to keep a close watch on their whereabouts.

The best memory care in Omaha should have individualized and specialized care.

2. Individual, Specialized Care

A common concern with senior care facilities is that seniors may suffer neglect or abuse. People worry that seniors won’t take their medication on time, or that facility staff won’t keep track of needs specific to them. But in a memory care facility, individual, specialized care is available no matter what their needs may be.

Memory care provides them with treatment specific to their type of dementia. Employees get to know them by name and learn their everyday routines and treatments. You can rest assured that employees will take emergency measures when necessary and help lonely seniors feel a sense of purpose.

The best memory care in Omaha should have a full docket of activities and programs.

3. A Full Docket of Activities and Programs

Your beloved senior won’t have to sit around watching TV all day or staring longingly out the window. Instead, they can take part in a full calendar of daily, weekly, and monthly activities. These activities will give them adequate mental stimulation.

Having social activities that challenge the mind is extremely important for those in need of memory care options. Whether it’s bingo, crafting, or cooking, it will improve their overall quality of life.

The best memory care in Omaha should involve physical activity!

4. Physical Activity

In addition to normal social activities, there will be physical activities to get them up and moving. These could be things like gardening, or birdwatching. While seniors may struggle with exercises, they can certainly benefit from some walking and movement.

Seniors will also need assistance with everyday tasks, such as getting dressed or taking care of their own grooming. They will get plenty of help to do so, catered to their level of independence.

Regular physical activity can do wonders for someone’s health. Even if they get their blood pumping for just 10 minutes a day, it will make a huge change in their overall demeanor.

The best memory care in Omaha should provide assistance with doctors appointments and the monitoring of medication.

5. Assistance with Doctor Appointments and Monitoring of Medication

Just because a senior is in a memory care facility doesn’t mean they don’t need their regular doctor appointments. Rest assured, they will get the assistance they need to attend appointments and keep up with their medication.

Missing a doctor’s appointment is no big deal for someone in good health, but it can be life-changing for senior. The same goes for regular medications. You can rest easy knowing that they will get everything they need right on schedule.

They may need adjustments to their medication and dose from time to time. Staff will make sure they stay up-to-date with prescriptions and changes.

The best memory care in Omaha should provide custom meal plans.

6. Custom Meal Plans

In addition to a cocktail of regular medication, most seniors have strict dietary requirements. This is especially the case for patients with memory loss. The right supplements can promote brain health, strengthening memory storage and retrieval.

Plus, a meal personalized to their taste can make sure they feel comfortable and happy. Even if they can’t have the same home-cooked meals as before, they can have the next best thing. Good food to enjoy will help to make their stay in senior living that much easier.

There’s no need to worry about a menu that looks like prison food. Seniors will get a flavorful breakfast, lunch, and dinner replete with nutrients for optimal health.

The best memory care in Omaha should have plenty of opportunities to socialize.

7. Plenty of Opportunities to Socialize

Isolation is the biggest concern most people have when they think of a care facility. As we’ve mentioned above, there is a real concern that a senior won’t get the attention and love they deserve. Fortunately, a care facility puts them among people who are in the same situation.

There is a strong sense of camaraderie in senior living facilities. Being among those of the same age group reminds them that there are others who understand their situation. They can make friends, and share memories from the good old days.

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Memory care may become necessary for your loved ones if they suffer from Alzheimer’s or other types of dementia. In a memory care facility, they won’t feel like they ever left home. They will have all of their social, physical, and medical needs met and be active in the process.

At Parsons House, we have a beautiful, assisted-living memory care facility for your loved ones. Check out our facility and then drop by for a visit.