When it comes to providing top-tier assisted living facilities in Omaha, Parsons House Assisted Living stands out as a shining example of family-owned dedication and a strong focus on enriching the lives of its residents. With a motto of “Lives Enriched… Spirits Renewed,” Parsons House has become more than just a residence; it’s a haven where residents experience transformation, connection, and a renewed sense of purpose. Let’s explore how this family-owned facility is making a difference in the lives of seniors seeking exceptional care and comfort.

Rooted in Community

At the heart of Parsons House’s success lies its family-owned identity. The owners are deeply rooted in the Omaha community, bringing a personalized touch to the facility’s operations. This sense of belonging fosters a strong commitment to the residents, staff, and the community as a whole. Unlike larger corporate entities, Parsons House operates as a single residential care property, which means that there are no layers of bureaucracy to navigate. Help and answers are readily available, ensuring that residents and their families receive the attention and care they deserve.

Enriching Lives and Renewing Spirits

The core philosophy at Parsons House revolves around transforming lives and reigniting spirits. Families often experience a moment of reassurance when they see their loved ones thrive within the Parsons House family. The motto isn’t just words; it’s a tangible reality where residents embark on a new chapter, guided by imagination and newfound purpose. This transformational journey starts with resident-centered communication and extends to involving family members who share in the commitment to their loved one’s happiness and well-being.

Core Beliefs

Parsons House is built upon several core beliefs that ensure the highest quality of care and an exceptional living experience:

  1. All-Inclusive Amenities: The facility offers an all-inclusive amenities pricing structure, ensuring residents enjoy a comprehensive range of services without hidden costs.
  2. Tailored Care: Specialized staff and distinct activities cater to the unique needs of Assisted Living and Memory Care Communities, recognizing the diverse requirements of residents.
  3. Culinary Excellence: With a culinary-trained chef at the helm, Parsons House provides restaurant-style meals featuring fresh and nutritious ingredients.
  4. Memory Care Focus: The facility boasts the city’s largest memory care outdoor courtyard, fostering a calming and engaging environment for residents.
  5. Resident Assimilation: The 6-60 Resident Liaison program ensures that new residents seamlessly integrate into the community, fostering a sense of belonging.

Not Just a Property, but a Family

In an era of expansive retirement living conglomerates, Parsons House stands out as a family-owned and family-focused community. This distinction is crucial for families seeking the right home for their loved ones. Recognizing the weight of this decision, Parsons House embraces the responsibility with open arms, striving to provide an environment where residents can truly flourish and embrace life to the fullest.

A Warm Welcome to Parsons House

Welcoming new residents to Parsons House is more than a formality; it’s an invitation to a community where lives are enriched and spirits are renewed. The facility’s trained professionals make it their mission to bring joy and fulfillment to the lives of residents every day. As life’s stages evolve, Parsons House ensures that residents receive the care and attention necessary for a happy and meaningful existence.

Active Assisted Living: Amenities and Services

Parsons House offers a wide range of accommodation options, including studios, parlors, one-bedroom, one-bedroom with a den, and two-bedroom apartments. Each living space features private baths, kitchenettes, and individual climate controls within a secure environment. The facility’s dedication to comfort and care is reflected in its comprehensive list of amenities and services:

  • Nurse Practitioners available for medical needs
  • Three daily meals prepared by a professional culinary chef
  • Weekly housekeeping services
  • Laundry service, both personal and flat
  • Comprehensive utilities coverage, including wireless internet and cable
  • Daily activities and social events
  • Wellness and exercise classes
  • Dining membership to the Champions Club
  • Pet therapy on-site
  • Transportation to medical appointments
  • 24-hour professional staffing and emergency response
  • Routine wellness reviews and assessments
  • Expansive outdoor courtyards for relaxation

Additionally, residents have access to specialized in-house services, including physical therapy, podiatry, physician visits, dental care, massage therapy, and lab services.

Active Assisted Living: Specialized Care

Parsons House’s commitment to active assisted living is evident in its vibrant and engaging environment. The facility thrives on delivering an active and enjoyable lifestyle, featuring an array of events and activities that cater to diverse interests. The grand dining room overlooks the picturesque Champions Run Golf Course, offering a fine dining experience that enhances residents’ daily lives. With expansive courtyards, residents have the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors in a safe and secure setting.

Family Focused Active Assisted Living in Omaha

Parsons House Assisted Living in Omaha has redefined what it means to be a family-owned and family-focused facility. With an unwavering commitment to enriching lives and renewing spirits, Parsons House stands as a beacon of exceptional care, comfort, and community. As families navigate the crucial decision of finding the right place for their loved ones, Parsons House opens its doors, inviting them to experience a transformative journey where lives are truly enriched and spirits are genuinely renewed. Welcome to the Parsons House family, where each day is an opportunity to embrace the joys of living.