Think Hard Before Taking on Caregiver Role for an Aging Parent

Caring for an aging parent seems natural. After all, they took care of you, shouldn’t you take care of them? Of course it is important that you make sure your loved one is well-cared for and in the best possible living situation. However, when an adult child is involved in the day-to-day care of a parent, it is often difficult for both parties.

Caring for an aging parent is not an easy task. The article, 10 Things to Consider Before Becoming Your Parent’s Caregiver, gives an overview of the important issues you must consider before making such a significant commitment.

There is no doubt that in some situations, moving your elderly parent into your home is the right move but this is not always the case. An article from AARP, Considering Moving Your Loved One into Your Home?, lists questions you and your parent need to answer first.

We hear the term Helicopter Parent but what about a Helicopter Child? Are You a Helicopter Child? talks about what can happen when you hover too closely over your aging parent. (Hint: It’s not always good.)

More important than anything else, however, is that you choose arrangements for senior living that will allow your parent to feel at home. At Parsons House, we understand the importance of making seniors feel comfortable and part of a community. To learn more about our assisted living and memory care services, call us 402.498.9554 or visit us online at