Is it Time to Consider Assisted Living for an Aging Parent?

Knowing when it’s time for a parent to consider assisted living is difficult. Whether your parent is living in their own home or an independent living facility, the move to assisted living is hard because it means that parent is no longer able to take care of themselves without help. However, if you feel that the move from independent to assisted living is inevitable, it’s best  to make the move sooner rather than later.

Signs it’s Time for Senior Assisted Living: 20 Questions for Deciding if it’s Time to Move Your Loved One to Assisted Living

When is it time to move a parent to assisted living? Obvious red flags like a broken hip or a sudden downturn in health may speed up the decision-making process, but more often than not, there’s no clear sign.

Is it Time for Assisted Living Care? Signs that Suggest the Change is Needed

If you’re starting to feel that the challenge of balancing everything in life might be too much, it may be time for you to consider assisted living for your aging parent.

Knowing When it May be Time for Assisted Living

One of the most difficult tasks adult children face is how to take care of their parents. When a senior can no longer live on their own, family members must make difficult choices regarding how to handle this situation.

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