COVID-19 Update – 03/23/20

March 23, 2020

Thank you all for your continued cooperation as we work together to keep the COVID-19 virus from our Community. Our Community is clean and continues to be disinfected on a daily basis. The weakest link in keeping our Residents healthy and safe, however, is the consequence of someone entering the community who is infected, but not showing any symptoms. We cannot stress enough the importance of respecting the restrictions set on entering ALL Senior Communities by Health Officials – to include families, Home Health Care providers, and Private Duty companies.

Currently, the highest risk of infection to our community is when a resident visits a physician’s office or emergency room; and then returns to Parsons House. To avoid this risk, we prefer you to follow the recommendation of Health Officials and opt to have medical services delivered to your loved one’s apartment. This can be coordinated in one of several ways. If the Resident’s doctor does not visit Parsons House, a face time encounter can be arranged. We have doctors that visit Parsons House on a frequent basis. We would be happy to arrange a visit in the Resident’s apartment. But if immediate and urgent medical care is needed, we will of course call 911. What we do want to avoid is a Resident’s trip to the Emergency Room out of ‘convenience’ rather than absolute medical necessity.

Should you have any questions, concerns, or want to make changes regarding those medical services your loved one receives, please contact Jessica at 402-431-4800 or; or Mary Ann Hoaglund at 402-431-4813


Parsons House Senior Management