COVID-19 Update – 03/19/20

March 19, 2020

The following are the latest adjustments to our processes to deal with changing events:

  • Hy-Vee recently closed its distribution center for all pick-up and deliveries. Hy-Vee does partner with Instacart for deliveries; however, they are currently delayed and unpredictable due to increased market demand.
  • Not to be entirely deterred, we are increasing (based on availability) the following items at the Parsons House Corner Store:
    • Toilet paper, soap, paper towels and facial tissues.
    • A few non-perishable food items will start to be inventoried.
    • As we are purchasing these items on the open market, and availability maybe scarce, preference will be given to residents who do not have family members here locally to provide these items.
  • Townhall meetings will be handled differently due to the restrictions on gatherings. Each resident will be receiving a form to submit questions, concerns, or comments. A townhall response memo will then be created and distributed throughout the community.
  • As events warrant, written summaries will be distributed to each Resident’s room that will recap any new guidelines, procedurals changes or updates for the community.
  • Mail delivery is still taking place. We are receiving all mail into the distribution box in the vestibule. The mail will then be delivered to the residents’ rooms. As we receive our mail in the afternoon, mail most likely will not reach the resident until the following day (unless it is a perishable item).
  • Communication:
    • We have had a good initial response from families utilizing the Parsons House new community email address, Please use this email address to send photos, letters, and messages to your loved one. Be sure to list your loved one’s “NAME” in the subject line, so that we can deliver as quickly as possible.

Thank you for your continued patience and understanding. The health and safety of our residents and staff continue to be our sole objective during these extraordinary times.


Parsons House Senior Management