The Latest COVID-19 Update

Here at Parsons House Active Assisted Living and Memory Care, we always try to create the best living environment for our residents. Here’s our latest update on COVID-19:

Out of an abundance of caution, we are limiting visitors to only those who are essential to our residents’ medical care such as hospice and other nursing personnel. Limitations were previously placed on entertainment coming into the community, trips on the bus and other previously planned events. We will be making announcements for church services as we work to provide streaming abilities.

Please note that Parsons House is not under an official quarantine at this time. However, to be vigilant in preventing the spread of COVID-19 to our residents and staff, this is to limit exposure to everyone in the community. Residents will continue to be taken to their essential doctor appointments, while non-essential appointments may be rescheduled. We do offer multiple services such as Nurse Practitioner visits here in the community, if there is a medical reason prompting a need for a medical visit, please call ahead and speak to MaryAnn.

We realize the importance of social visits, and understand the role they play in our residents’ wellbeing. During this time, we would encourage you to consider phone calls, text messages, FaceTime and Skype as options.

We appreciate and thank our Staff, Residents, Family Members and Visitors for your support in keeping our community safe. For the most current and up to date information regarding Parsons House procedures regarding these very fluid events, please like and follow our Facebook page.


Parsons House Senior Management