May 8, 2020

Happy Mother’s Day from all of us at Parsons House!  Even though we continue with proper social distancing and restriction on visitations, we have a great many things to celebrate both Saturday and Sunday with our residents.  Most importantly, we continue to have a healthy community of Staff and Residents!!!

This streak of ‘good health’ is a combination of our staff staying healthy and practicing safe PPE procedures and continually cleaning surfaces around the community; our amazing residents who are frequently washing hands, wearing protective masks and keeping social distancing awareness; and most important in this chain, is our families that recognize the best thing they can do to keep their loved one healthy and safe is not to visit personally – as they bring everyone they have been in contact with for the past (up to) 14 days, into our community.  It is truly a “Balancing Act” of we are only as safe as our weakest link.

When will the restrictions be lifted for Senior facilities? Every week there is a conference call that Governor Ricketts and Dr. Gary Anthone (Chief Medical Officer of DHHS) has with LTC facilities.  As the Governor stated today, “Until a vaccine is available along with available rapid testing to the masses, we will not be 100% ‘back to normal.’” But this answer doesn’t solve this interim period as we need to ‘balance’ the need to keep residents safe with ensuring a good quality of life!  Dr. Anthone announced today that DHHS will be sending out a ‘template’ to all LTC facilities next week to draft ‘best practices’ and ‘guidelines’ of what can and cannot be done.  For example, bringing back communal dining (with new restrictions) is a very high priority.

#Stay Home, Stay Healthy and Stay Connected.

Happy Mother’s Day,

Parsons House Senior Management