May 1, 2020

Happy May Day from all of us at Parsons House!  As the weather warms, our residents continue to get outside in our beautiful courtyards (keeping proper social distancing in mind) as often as possible.

As we have all heard, parts of Nebraska are starting to open back up for business on May 4th – albeit with restrictions.  The regrettable news is this does not apply to Long Term Care facilities.  When will the restrictions be lifted for LTC facilities? When the health officials deem it is safe.  It is important to note, this decision is completely out of our hands.

Our enthusiasm to live life to the fullest continues.  Julie and her staff continue to come up with innovative activities and we all look forward to celebrating Mother’s Day next weekend.  Today, we continue with our program of Local supporting Local with a lunch for staff supplied by Cunningham’s Pub and Grill.

Next week Douglas County will be under a new Health Directive by the Governor’s Office. In this directive we will be able to reopen the Beauty Salon! Casey will be scheduling appointments beginning Tuesday of next week. In order to remain in compliance with the Health Directive each resident and Casey will be required to wear a mask throughout the appointment. Casey will only be able to have one resident in the salon at any given time and she will also complete a deep cleaning process between each resident. In this directive public church services are also able to resume following the social distancing guidelines. This portion of the directive does not apply to Assisted Living and Long Term Care communities such as us. We will continue to provide services via telecommunication.

Finally, with PPE in high demand coupled with tight supply lines, access to the procurement of PPE is a little like the Wild Wild West.  Everyone is on their own to source on the open market. We are happy to report that Parsons House received large quantities this week of Surgical masks, N-95 masks and Face Shields.  Let’s hope they will not all be put to use.  But we are ready should the need arise.

Our Residents and Staff continue to be healthy!  We appreciate and thank you for your wonderful support and cooperation to continue this streak of staying healthy and safe.  Your outreach to your loved ones means so much.  We appreciate all of our Parsons House families!

#Stay Home, Stay Healthy and Stay Connected.

Best Wishes,

Parsons House Senior Management